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Technical  Training

"Color Matching activities and Optical properties of materials"

Technicians & Scientists

Acquire professional credential and use it in your daily work.


  • Technicians and Scientist working in the field of the visual appearance and optical properties of materials.

  • All industrial sectors: Coatings, Pigments, Cosmetics, Chemistry, Particle sizing, food, biomedical, etc.


Develop and acquire  practical and theoretical knowledge.

Examples of learning objectives

  • Know the different light propagation processes  in heterogeneous media, as a function of their composition (paints, papers, cosmetics, biomedical tissues, etc.).

  • Differentiate between chemical and physical colors  and explain their fundamental mechanisms.

  • Understand the concept and the different origins of opacity. Predict changes in opacity as a function of the material constitution.

  • Recognize the different types of integrating spheres, and understand their usage.

  • Manage adequately  color matching software from set up and parameterization to utilization.

  • Know basic color Matching theory.

  • Correlate the origin of gloss to surface light scattering phenomenon and surface topology.

  • Differentiate and characterize texture.

Pedagogical approach

The training includes theoretical and experimental knowledge acquisition, group discussions and situational exercises based on real case studies.

Human Resources Manager

Build a competent work force to meet the challenges of your industry.

Overview of the training content

Part 1: Basic theoretical concepts

  • The three attributes of visual perceptions.

  • Light scattering and absorption properties of small particles (Mie theory)

  • Optical properties of materials (Kubelka-Munk and N-Flux models)

Part 2: Experimental knowledge

  • Different types of sources of lights.

  • Spectrometers and Integrating spheres.

  • C.I.E Standards.

Part 3:  Color matching software 

  • Color matching theory.

  • Set-up,  parameterization and utilization.

Part 4:... Applications on real cases studies


  • Training title: "Color Matching activities & Optical properties of Materials"

  • Lecturer: Dr. J.-C. Auger

  • Duration: from 8 to 12 hours.

  • Language: English.

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