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"Basic practical knowlege for Industrial RD&I  activities"

First job Training

New employees in RD&I

Broaden your view  and provide useful insights on your first job


  • Newly graduated students just hired in their first job in  Industrial Research and Development centers or technical services facilities.

  • Any industrial sectors: Automotive, Aeronotics, OIls & Gaz, Chemical, Construction , etc.


  • To facilitate the integration of new employees in their first working environment.

  • To accelerate the transition from a newly graduated student to a fully operational and productive employee in its first assignment.

Examples of Learning objectives

  • Know how Multi National Company are structured and functioning and understand how the RD&I function is integrated into this global organization.

  • Understand the importance of working in a safety environment and know the right behavior to adopt.

  • Realize the importance of Intellectual properties and know how to handle it.

  • Know about carbon foot print reduction principle in the supply chain and new product elaboration.

  • Acquire knowledge and understanding on project management.

Human Resources Manager

Build a competent work force to meet the challenges of your industry.

Overview of the training content

Part 1:

  • Company´s global organization.

  • Presentation of  the RD&I Function.

Part 2:

  • Health & Safety Environment at work.

  • Intellectual properties.

  • sustainable development.

  • Introduction to lean and six-sigma.

Part 3:

  • Project Management.

  • Soft skills (team work, self awareness)

Pedagogical approach

Each working session integrates knowledge acquisition, situational exercises based on real case study or realistic scenario, as well as discussions.


  • Training title: "Basic practical knowledge for industrial Research Development & Innovation activities"

  • Lecturer: Dr. J.-C. Auger

  • Duration: from 8 to 12 hours.

  • Language: English.

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