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"Working efficiently and in Interacting Harmony with Westerners"


Chinese employees

Develop your soft skills and teamwork abilities.


Chinese personnel who have to work with westerners as collaborators, clients or suppliers.


  • To facilitate the interaction and communication processes between Chinese employees and their westerners colleagues to create a productive and harmonious working environment

  • To increase the understanding of Western cultures in order to gain respect, trust and later on competitive advantage during cooperation and negotiation processes, with western clients and/or suppliers

  • To increase self confidence.

Pedagogical approach

  • The majority of the studied themes are addressed in the context of scenarios and/or case analysis.

  • The participants are engaged in active discussions where they are asked to examine different situations, present the results of their analysis and in certain cases share their own personal experience.

Human Resources Managers

Help promoting a productive and harmonious  environment at work.

Examples of learning objectives

  • Identify behaviors and basic set of mind that promote the right conditions for effective inter-cultural exchanges.

  • Identify and study key situations in the working environment in which differences in cultural traits and social behavior may endanger the communication process and professional relationship.

  • Learn about the different components of communication. Compare the non-verbal communication process between Chinese and Westerners.  Identify the source of possible miss understanding.

  • Learn how our social psychology influences the way we organize our spatial environment.

  • Understand the origin and the effect the cultural shock and learn how to deal with it.


  • Workshop title: "Working efficiently and interacting  in harmony with Westerners"

  • Lecturer: Dr. J.-C. Auger

  • Duration: from 4 to 8 hours

  • Language:  English.

Note: if required, we may use simultaneous translation in Chinese with Chinese interpreter)

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