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Numerical Simulation Platform

A trustfull an effective working platform for exigent researcher

Overview and Applications

Our Numerical Simulation Platform, is an evolutive software suite dedicated to the modeling of the radiative properties and the visual appearance of materials.


It is composed of different   theoretical frameworks, encapsulated into  modules, that can be used conjointly or independently depending on the requirement of the studies.


It is aimed to provide a trustfull and effective working plateform for exigent Researchers.


During the last ten years, it has been successfully used to support industrial, military and academic research projects. Typical applications can be found in:


  • Cosmetics, coatings, papers, ink, pigments dyes, textiles, biomedical, Nano-technology,  granulometry, ...


  • I.R. and Radar furtivity, dectection of warefare agents, ...


  • Astrophysics, atmospheric sciences, colloidal sciences, art painting, ...

Current version KR-NSP v.1.1

The current version of our platform is now only available via our technical consulting services.


If you need any optical modeling support for one of your projects we will be glad to complete the study according to your requirements.

Content by theoretical frameworks


  • Principal Component Analysis


New modules are constantly under-development and will be available for the next software relase. 


Next version KR-NSP v.2.0

The next version of our softwaree suite is based on a client / server and cloud computing architecture.

It will be directly accessible from the Internet browser of your work or personnal computer.