Services - Software | Module: One-Particle T-Matrix Formalism


This module based on the One-Particle Single T-Matrix formalism* offers the following calculations capabilities:


  • Far-Field Orientation and Polarization average calculations of independent ensembles of  axi-symmetric particles.


  • Far-Field calculations of independent ensembles of  axi-symmetric particles with fixed orientation.


  • Near-Field Orientation and Polarization average calculations of a single axi-symmetric particle.


  • Near-Field calculations of and single axi-symmetric particles with fixed orientation.


It can be used appart or in combination with other modules to conduct more complex studies and especially:


  • The Quasi Crystalline Approximation (QCA)  module.

  • The interference Approximations (ITA) module.

  • The N-FLUX  module.


Near-Field Calculation: fixed orientation

Dielectric spheres with eccentric and concentric spherical inclusions

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Far-FIeld Calculation: fixed orientation

Dielectric axi-symmetric capsule

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Orientation average scattering efficiency

Dielectric sphere containing an eccentric spherical inclusion

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Far-Field Calculation: polarization an orientation averages

Fe2O3 dielectric sphroidal particles optical properties in the Visible Range