Services - Software | Module: N-Particles Centered T-Matrix Formalism


This module uses the N-Particles Centered T-Matrix formalism to solve the vector multiple scattering equation of light on a fixed number of axis-symmetric particles.

It offers the following calculations´capabilities:

  • Far-Field Orientation and Polarization average optical properties calculations.


  • Far-Field optical properties calculation on fixed orientation.


  • Near-Field Orientation and Polarization average optical properties calculations.

  • Near-Field optical properties calculation on fixed orientation.


In addition to the Standard calculation module, we have developed two others, to facilitate the realization of many typical studies:


  • The Meso volume element builder:

Automatically generates the random positions of spheres as function of particles´ volume filling, size distribution and total number. 


  • The Cluster builder:

Automatically generates clusters of sphere as functions of the primary particles total number and sizes and the cluster´s compactness.


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