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University  course

"An introduction to Research Developpment and Innovaton activities"


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  • Students about to finish their Master Degrees, Doctoral study or Engineering schools.

  • All scientific majoring areas: Physics, Chemistry, Material Sciences, Microelectronics, Telecommunication, etc.

  • Students in Marketing, Management and other areas interested in developing  knowledge on Industrial innovation activities.


  • To provide comprehensible vision of how the RD&I function is integrated into a multi-national companies and how scientific knowledge can be converted into value creation for the company.

  • For scientific students, to facilitate the transition from a newly graduated student to a fully operational and productive employee during its first assignment in an Industrial R&D center.

Examples of learning objectives

  • Realize how a multi national company is organized.

  • Understand how the product of  RD&I can be used as a competitive strategy.

  • Know the different types of innovation and understand how disruptive innovation can endanger  Multinational companies.

  • Understand the different key phases of an R&D project from real business cases studies.

  • ...

Pedagogical approach

  • Each working session integrates knowledge acquisition, situational exercises and discussions.

  • Scientific knowledge is systematically put into industrial research contexts as a value creation strategy for companies.

Overview of the syllabus

Module 1 ... (10 hours)

  • Innovation as a competitive strategy in market economy.

  • Sustainable Development.

  • The management of Innovation and information.

Module 2 ... (10 hours)

  • Scientific knowledge into the context of industrial research and innovation.

  • Business case studies from our Industrial partners.

Module 3 ... (6 hours)

  • Health & Safety Environment at work.

  • Intellectual properties.

  • Introduction to lean and six-sigma.

Module 4 ... (4 hours)

  • Soft skills (self awareness, team work, working in Multicultural environment, initiative & creativity)


  • Course title: "An introduction to industrial Research Development & Innovation activities"

  • Lecturer: Dr. J.-C. Auger

  • Duration: 30 Hours.

  • Language: english.

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