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Technical & Scientific Consulting

Business solutions for Research Development & Innovtion activities

For RD&I Managers

The opportunity to outsource with confidence


  • Assessment of internal R&D Projects technical content.

  • Complete or partial outsourcing of R&D projects.

  • The realization of feasibility studies

  • State of the art analysis.

  • The elaboration of norms and standards.

Domain of expertise

The radiative properties and the visual appearance of materials.

These encompass, but are not limited to, the analysis in the visible range opacity, color, gloss and texture; as well as more generally reflectance, transmittance and absorption properties, thermal emissivity in the Infra Red or Ultra Violet spectra.





and more...

Facilities and Capabilities

We offer

  • Experimental facilities  (America, Europe and Asia). 

  • Numerical Simulation capabilities.

  • Theoretical expertise.

Business solution

We assist our clients to bring about innovative and profitable products to the market, based on optimized and cost effective  processes.


Each of our services is handled under a Confidentiality Agreement (NDA) and realized in accordance with the project specifications elaborated and validated with our clients.



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